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happens live. >> come on. >> i think i lost the game but i like to believe i won a small victory for dignity that day. ♪ the olympics are going on and people want to get in shape. you do not have to join a gym or buy a horse. you have to get your hands on the finest piece of equipment to get your hands onto the scene. >> you can see number seven tomorrow night. we'll see you again an hour from now. thank you for watching. piers morgan tonight starts
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right now. what is that? >> am i going to die here? >> what is this? tonight jack hannah and a few of his friend. >> he defecates on his legs to keep him cool. >> you know what, you won't believe this. this is the only animal that carries lepracy >> now you tell me. >> what will happen next? he has my notes. i'm sorry. this is a dangerous edition of piers morgan tonight. >> good eavening. the studio looks different tonight. my guest will be here over the course of the hour.
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these are siberian tigers. >> at what age can they kill a man. >> these animals weigh over 600 pounds.
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they could go to a zoo in europe or australia to keep them fresh. the thing is that these animals are are so rare we have to know what the greeding program would be. >> that is a good question, if i find myself afraid or scared these guys know the animal very well.
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if th if they lick you, it is like sandpaper. >> these are like two of the last remaining tigers. >> are remember something, when a tiger like this takes down a water buffalo in less than ten seconds, they are the only cats in the world, they can eat up to 30 or 40 pounds in one sitting. i can tell you that, they may be small, but they are quite big.
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in egypt in the towns. >> it looks like a sphynx. >> he is biting your arm. >> you saw how big the tigers were. >> look at the ears. you see why the pharoas.
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>> they represent royalty. what is unique about this cat. they can jump ten feet in the air. they blend so well in the grass. they lay down and watch for a bird. >> they can grab the bird. look at those ears. that is what kind of gives them away. what is next. what are these? >> they are amazing. this is the cirvil cat. this cat is a cat that is from africa. and this cat also has the front
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and behind legs with different legs. swroo if you look at the back of the ears, you will notice the spots on the back of the ears. those are called eye spots. >> he wants to eat your hand. they think he is looking backwards. >> how tame are they? >> this animal won't become a tame animal. a lot of times, we will raise them. they are still wild animals. i had a famous trainer say they are always going to be wild. >> this is a vulture? >> come here, buddy. >> raw meat. >> come on. you might smell it. >> they do eat raw meat?
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>> you smul that? >> it stinks. >> he defecates on his legs to keep him cool. >> too much information. that is why they smell. >> they are ugly, they stink, they eat raw meat. >> other than the defecation the feeding on car cases. >> they clean up the mess that others don't eat. >> he can take a rock, and open the ostrich egg, he uses a tool for that. >> what is this? >> remember, you did a story. >> it is okay with me.
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pie pierson the ground, piers, they can jump and out run anything in the first 20 yards. this one is a nice one. if you look there, you have two eyelids. >> i don't mean nice. it is not fair. >> you are killing me, right? >> he is not fgoing to, right now. >> i want to show you something. >> grant does a great job with alligat alligators. >> it is hard to do this. >> the power, the cameras can see this. >> looking down the throat there. see that? >> it is flat back there.
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if a fish comes around. that is a cave, bam. they don't, they don't chew, they tear. what is his name. they live 75 to 100 years old >> would they attack if they are not challenged or scared? >> if you go around with youngsters, they lay eggs, if you get next to the nest, they are over here, if you get year it, it is one of the most aggressive animals in nature. >> if it is a hot nest the agos will be males. we found everything inside these
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creatures. >> ever found human remains inside? >> i found shows, in malaysia, they are over 2000 pounds. you are talking about something bigger than your stage here. >> i think we should go to a commercial break. >> i don't want to holdid. >> when we come back penguins and one of the oldest animals. first one of jack's top five. >> i'm demonstrating how the eyes are fixed on movement. and how they don't want to hurt anyone. they can't see you, they can smell you, but you don't qualify as food.
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doolittle. this is a nice friendly looking pre penguin. only five live in cold weather. all the rest live in warm weather. >> really? >> this is from south africa. this is called the black footed penguin or the jackass penguin. this one is not. this one was endangered about a year ago. they don't eat the penguin by the way. the animals have a lot of problems there. they have more feathers per square inch. >> if i could say look, what
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would it be? >> having raised animals all of my life, the elephant is one of the most intelligent animals in the world. >> if you can have one. >> an elephant is fascinating. >> a herd of elephants. >> it is the single largest mammal in the world. >> today we are less than 375,000. >> so it is a major drop. >> the next animal is a tortoise. >> we can bring him up here. >> jimmy. >> i'm sorry the tortoise. >> this is slow poke. this animal is the kind of
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tortoise of africa. he gets to be 150 pounds. >> of course, you said it is amazing that is what is wrong. turtle shell we know what happens. >> my gosh. put that one up there. good lord. no wonder, how did you pick that one up. up to 500 pounds. this one here is much bigger. what is it? >> 200 years old. >> yes, the sa iflt lors would satisfy these and put them in the hulls of their ship. >> no food they live that long. but the ship must have stun k. >> this one is a male. the bottom of the shell is flat. >> amazing. > tortoise and the hare.
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they are not that slow. >> how fast can they move. last night one was crawling around the hotel room. >> we have the alligator in the bath tub. >> you are slightly mad. >> you have it in the tub and the tortoises in your bed. >> you won't believe this. >> this one. this is a wallabe. >> right? >> what the hell is that? >> what is that? >> wait. i didn't finish the wallabe yet. >> make him do it. [ bird crowing ] >> i love this. i get the biggest kick out of
6:19 pm
it. >> it is a laughing kookaburra. >> make him laugh again. >> when you are out in the bushes and it goes off you jump out of your sleeping bag. >>. [ bird making noise ] >>. >> check into the hotel. back to the wallabe. the problem is, they are 30 different types. and they are very small.
6:20 pm
they stayed up like five or six feet tall. what do you call a big bunch of kangaroos. >> thank you. they eat grass. i love that bird, though. this is one of the most prehistoric animals on ernl. this is a armadillo. >> that is a joke. one, two, three. this animal here, they are one of the most endangered animals. he can close up so tight.
6:21 pm
only man and a jaguar can kill it. feel how hard it. is this is the only animal in the world that can carry lepracy are. >> now you tell me. >> if you have gi vep me that. >> look it up. >> i believe you. >> i would rather tell me that before i touch it. >> look at this here. >> go ahead. >> we need to take a break. we'll have a lepracy test. >> the animal responsible for the worst bite of his life. and jack's top five close encounters. lions. >> you can see that she is going
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they live in altitudes. that is just it. they are solitary cats, when she cycles, they are not like other cats. >> can they mix breed? >> no. >> it is the tail. you can touch the tail. it gets bigger. up there it is 40 or 50 below zero. that was cool. i'm sorry you don't have a happened there. please don't sue me.
6:27 pm
>> where do you keep him at night? >> in the hotel room. today, it is useless. see, this animal, it is absol e absolutely beyond any animal, it represents what endanger ee eed species is about.
6:28 pm
he has a chip in him. let beaver is a unique animal. the tail, slaps the water.
6:29 pm
>> he stinks. >> you smell him? >> no, it is me. >> they go to the bathroom on themselves. >> is this the worst injury that you have had? >> yes. >> 99% of the time it is the person's fault not the animal's stalls. >> if you can see the back foot. it is a webbed foot. like a duck. that back foot. beavers are so cute. >> i think so. okay. look at him. what are we going to hear. >> there are all kinds of foxes. this is from the sahara desert.
6:30 pm
>> keeps them cool in the desert. this animal here et can go it's whole life in the desert without ever drinking water. water can come from what he eats. >> and they are big black scorp ones. >> the smallest spots in the world, which one is that one. >> both of these, the swift fox. one of the requiarest. it is full grown. they take care of the sick, the old and the young. these sings are bright. very few people get to see the rarest things in the world.
6:31 pm
this piers is the largest owl in the world. and if you are asked a question on a game show. what animal is found on every continent except antarctica. >> one thing you want to do is have a glove first. a bald eagle. it has 1,000 pounds of pressure per square inch. it will go through his skin. they are powerful. why does he turn his head. the reason is his eyes are so big. they cannot move in his eye socket. he can't do that because his eyes are so big he can't turn
6:32 pm
them around. and if i fly him one inch over your head you would never hear anything. a lot of people don't get to see that. >> they are dangerous. also, they are good they take out 30 mize ce in one hour. >> let's take a break. first here is another top five animal close encounters. >> the whole cave was alive. if you look up now. look up there.
6:33 pm
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i wonder how he would fair against jack ma n ahannan's che
6:37 pm
>> the eyesight is impeccable. two miles they can spot a rabbit. >> if you can look at the eyes. the dark marks under the eyes, mother nature invented that because it is the only cat in the world, they have to hunt a weak cat. look at the foot, you have good guys here. they are perfect. the only cat in the world with retractible claws. 60% of the time the animal gets in the way. >> i'm here don't worry. >> this is the first time i have felt intimidated.
6:38 pm
this is a big beast. >> you see in the wild we filmed the comfort zone. >> how would this kill? >> it has to grab the throat and do the choke hold. >> if they move like a kill, they take the food and eat the cheet cheetah. the lion will kill the cheetah and eat it. this is a solitary cat. it is endangered throughout africa. >> they prefer to be alone.
6:39 pm
>> and she has her cubs. if you catch the world, they keep their cubs three to four years. >> it is drois drawn on the ins their pyramids. >> how can your trainers be so relaxed. this cat will eat her cubs when they are born. in the wilds it is 10,000 acres we have. it is a beautiful creature. that is puring. >> over 100 meters, who would win? >> you or me?
6:40 pm
this thing here, he wouldn't go ten feet. >> when we film, it is three cameras. it is like this and the cat turns at 50 miles-an-hour. >> the falcon, that is 220 miles-an-hour. >> amazing. >> it is an amazing free tour. you now see the fastest animal in the world. >> you feel the power. it is not one of the big cats. the next time i will bring a full grown tiger. >> you see the tail? it is like a sale on a sail boat. it will have him turned.
6:41 pm
>> probably the ugliest the warthog. >> and he's an ugly animal. >> i do love animals. see the warts on his face? >> those warts get all over his face and helps protect him when they fight. >> he has his teeth. ivory comes out of his mouth like two knifes. a lot of lions, he spends 60% of his life on his knees. but the hog is important. >> how much milk does he drink
6:42 pm
per day? >> look at that tail. when you go to africa, it starts running, the other thanimals wi see this and take off. he is eaten by a lot of animals and a high ena comes in. but they are very intelligent. >> see that? >> a couple of the cutest critters you will see. first another close encounter with a cobra. >> oh! p. >> the end of this snake she was just as amazing. >> you going to catch him? >> golly. wow.
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back with jack hannah and we've been joined by these bear like tree tours. this animal is like a wolverine. they say pound for pound it is
6:47 pm
one of the most peerless animals in our country. this tail is when he sits in trees and hangs outside. that is how powerful it ask. he lives with those jungles and and see. you smells like popcorn. >> he smells just like that. >> we get hungry in the truck. those clous could get teared apart. for educational purposes we want to come on the know to teach people about these crew tokre
6:48 pm
tours for a serp reason. >> it looks like a cat and part bear. >> 90% of people have never even a bear cat. >> next we have a palmsiva. the droppings are used to fert lies droppings. >> he eases a coffee bean. they take it and bake it and facility for coffee. this animal if you remember people were killed. this is the animal that caused it. it is a delicacy ip asian. they use the glands for perfume.
6:49 pm
but the animal loves to eat cobr are as at well. how does he do that? >> he goes like this. he will go like this and you can protect it. he starts looking at him like this. he rups around the nake like this. and he is trying to follow his. he gets dizzy and bites the head off. that is how he kills it. and then it is over. how would nature know that. >> amazing. this animal here is one you have heard about. th this is the siberian lynx.
6:50 pm
>> okay. this animal i'm sorry to say, was decleared extinct in the kild. he is doing pretty good in the zoos. he lives high up. he sees himself in that monitor right there. >> he is seeing me. >> the look of, if you guys can focus on his look for the right here flt you see how flat it is. >> on the side there. he runs not on the pad but on the whole thing right here, everybody. this is what he runs on. the whole back thing it's like a snow shoe. >> amazing. >> and runs flat on that?
6:51 pm
>> exactly. really, it was invented thousands of years ago for this animal. but this animal was hunted for their coats. but now there are so few they can't locate each other. you can feel the coat here. >> beautiful, yeah. now we have the -- he can jump on you if you want him. >> consider the answer to every one of your questions to be no. this is the ring-tailed lemur. >> this animal is pre-monkey and pre-ape. just like your hand. isn't it amazing. >> that is amazing. look at that. >> the animal is only from madagascar. >> they are human hands. >> exactly. >> he's got my notes. >> i'm sorry. are those your notes? i'm sorry. he is marking them. he marks hisster tour.
6:52 pm
and he can't hang by his tail but weighs less than -- >> don't worry. >> we call him larry the lemur. >> coming up, the number one of his top five close encounters. >> i stepped in for a closer look when suddenly -- oh, geez! have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak. i'm going to dream about that tiramisu. what a night, huh? but, um, can the test drive be over now? head back to the dealership? [ male announcer ] it's practically yours. but we still need your signature. volkswagen sign then drive is back. and it's never been easier to get a passat. that's the power of german engineering. get $0 down, $0 due at signing,
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back with jack hanna and crocodile morgan. this lizard has the longest tongue of anything i have seen
6:56 pm
in my life. see this? >> what is happening is he feels your body temperature and picking up the warm part. he feels my warm blood. what is that tongue doing? >> he is feeling the warm parts. >> what does a lizard do? >> he bites you. he will find it dead because the bacteria in the animals is incredible. this one lives in the water and they have -- they have serrated teeth in there. but i don't know why he is picking up on your and not me. but that is the asian water monitor.
6:57 pm
>> this is the honey bear. >> that is a sweet little thing. these live in central and south america. he is knonocternal. >> this animal here can turn green and the reason is algae grows on his fur. and will grow on his back and he looks like a blob of moss in the jungle. when he gets big his fur is so thick that the bees can not attack him.
6:58 pm
>> that is just a little dirt. >> that is the dirt he lives in. these right here are toxic glands. so dogs eat them won't survive. sometimes harvey stays in the tubs as well. >> what's this? >> just over here, grant. >> whoa. >> keep his head over this way. >> you remember we talked about the anaconda and you saw the one that almost bit me. >> are you mad? >> the anaconda they have 200
6:59 pm
teeth shaped like fish hooks if this animal bites you account not let go. it takes 30 minutes for him to relax his jaw muscles. if a python or boa or anaconda bites you you sit there. you -- >> not now, jack. >> he's not going to do anything right now. >> he is just smelling you. >> what does that mean? before a kill or what? >> what he does, piers, remember something, this snake gets to be 20 to 30 feet long. they have live babies. the python lays eggs. >> does the anaconda constrict. >> he can't kill this guy. he's just too big but it's they can take down a small child. >> it literally knows he can't kill him. >> he knows he's an animal too big to eat. and he works with this animal all time. >> how much doe

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